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What to know the history of BunnyMan? Well boys and girls it’s a long story… and here it is. Image Hosted by The concept of a half man half bunny is surprisingly well explored. My first experience of rabbit men came long long ago in the days of high school. As I recall (imagine the screen going all wiggly as we slip into a flash back now) it was during the final exams and to distract myself form the ongoing pain of standardized testing during a lunch brake I regaled a group of friends with a story I read in the local paper the previous day. Its seems that long ago in a park near were we lived there lived a man who for some reason resembled a rabbit (bunny MAN, get it?) anyways the guy had long rabbit ears and was taunted by local children (cause he looked like a rabbit or because he lived in a bush I don’t know) and he befriended a small girl and we all learned a lesson about tolerance yada yada yada. That’s all well and good I thought, I’m all in favour of tolerance. But this story needs spiceing up :). Using the creative mind bestowed upon me by fait and the stars above I told the impressionable youths that BunnyMan stalked people like us so he could eat there eyes! Prity harsh ey? Well it gets better, see he doesn’t only eat eyes, when he's full he'll uses your eyes as an ingredient to make porcelain kittens which he'll display in his front living room…for all his guest to see! Don’t ask me why porcelain cats I honestly don’t know, my mind works faster than my mouth and the result is often saying crazy things as such. So the in joke of BunnyMan ran for a good few years, id say “BunnyMan wants your eyes” they'd pretend to be scared and so the cycle went. O what crazy kids we were, overtime we learnt that there were all kinds of myths about BunnyMan. My old chum Neil found the ameriKan version of the myth where BunnyMan is an escaped mental patient who lives in a forest and, well kills people. O you ameriKans and you murder…BunnyMan was kind of but to rest for a while as we all matured (everyone else did I didn’t really) that is until one bored college students doodle gave BunnyMan life a new! Picture a sprightly young Liam, eager to learn, of a jolly nature and prone to a short attention span. What that’s gets you is me in college bored off my ass and getting through lectures by drawing in my note book. As you can tell I’m not the greatest artist ever so id draw some strange looking stuff, the first BunnyMan was a triangle with a rabbits head and since it was crap I never drew it again.Image Hosted by And then one faithful day, I was in a media class, it was my 18th birthday and I was doodling away. The post modern little bugger I am I was wearing a “I’m 18” birthday badge in an ironic fashion, and while I was doodling I noticed that form a slanted angle the 8 looked like two eyes and the 1 looked like a mouth, so I drew that. Then for some reason one of the voices at work in my head said “hey liam!” and I said “what?” and he said “why don’t you put some rabbit ears on that?” naturally I was sceptical, “rabbit ears?” I said, “your crazy” long story short one internal argument later I drew some bunny ears, and I beheld…a master piece!Image Hosted by And that was that birth of BunnyMan, till then I was drawing a comic with a main character who resembled a certain runner in a certain internet animated cartoonImage Hosted by so now I had something original to share with the world and a way to spread the good name of BunnyMan. Of cores this BunnyMan doesn’t eat eyes. These comics are more just manifestations of my more obscure and depressing thoughts and they work because if iv learnt anything in this life its that’s its if you don’t laugh at your problems then your only gona cry at them, or end up wearing all black and dyed red hair writing your dark poetry in dimly light rooms as you carve “no one knows” into your arm with a fork. (bloody emo kids!) Image Hosted by I know what your thinking(whats this guy smoking? Sorry kids I don’t smoke drink inhale anything, all this crazy is natural) your thinking what’s next for BunnyMan? Good question, unfortunately it’s a shady path ahead. I have no technological know how so my dream of having a BunnyMan dot com is probably not going to happen but id like to at lest make this site a little more interesting, maybe spice up the wall papers or something. I want to host banners of the best sites on smackjeevs to, if you want to promote you comic here just send a link, after all were all in this together comrades. And BunnyMan himself? Well I shouldn't say this because it’s a long way away but there is a “BunnyMan: the movie” on the way! By on the way I mean I bought a rabbit mask and will one day script and shoot a cool little flick. And my good pal “the cage” has animated some of the BunnyMan strips so that should be cool to see. Anyway in closing I want to thank the few loyal readers there are here, when I started this thing I was fairly sure no one would read it but were up to 2 thousand hits now and that’s good enough for me. Special thanks go to a few: Neil and Mark, you were there at the beginning and you read the comics when no one else did, cheers dudes. The ever imported BST (bitter sarcastic Toney) who actually laughs when he reads BunnyMan, that’s like cureing cancer to me. The cage who did great work designing the banner and is responsible for any development of a technical nature you'll ever see. And of course YOU the readers, to you I say thank you, and for the love of god please keep reading! That’s it kids thanks for reading the Bunny manifesto Yours in love and peace Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDyslexic, Film student, semi pro wrestler, web comic artist and a genuinely nice guy Liam D Ellison